What are the Symptoms of a Faulty Starter Motor

13 Aug 2018

What are the Symptoms of a Faulty Starter Motor

A starter motor is used to start the combustion process in an internal combustion engine. To start a combustion engine, it needs to be cranked over so that fuel and air are sucked into the cylinders. This initial crank is driven by the starter motor using the electrical energy from the battery. Generally, starter motors are mounted on the left or right of the engine area where the transmission connects with the engine. The starter solenoid is typically mounted separately on the inner fender well or near the battery in the engine compartment on the old vehicles.

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1. Vehicle does not crank
If your vehicle does not start when you engage the ignition process, then it is the most obvious warning indication that there is some issue with the starter motor. When you turn the key of the ignition switch and the vehicle does not turn over, it may be caused by a problem with the starter motor.

2. Starter continues to run even after engine started
When you start your engine and release the key, the circuit is supposed to close, which will discontinue the power to the starter motor. If the starter continues to be on even after the engine has started running, it is a clear sign of a problem in the starter relay, caused by the welding together of the main contacts of the relay. If this keeps happening, the starter circuit, relay, and the transmission flywheel will keep getting damaged.

3. Engine does not start in one go
If your engine does not start in one go and you need to turn the ignition switch multiple times, it is an indication of a problem in the starter motor. Do not delay this problem and find out what is the root cause behind it. It could be because of a simple wiring connection problem, a battery problem or a bad starter.

4. Starter making click sounds
If starter makes sound, either the battery has low charge or no signal is coming from the starter relay. The starter relay is a part which either sends full current or sends nothing to the starter motor. Many times, when you turn the key, the starter makes a clicking sound due to the damaged starter relay.

The above 4 signs are the most common signs of a bad starter. If any of the above show up, make sure to contact a professional mechanic to diagnose the problem and purchase the required aftermarket part not from the local dealer (expensive) but from a reputed online retailer like parts world USA where you also get helpful customer service in just a few minutes through an email support@partsworldusa.com or calling toll-free on +1 (302) 451-9920.