Induction Manual of Starter Motor for Massey Ferguson

08 Feb 2018

Induction Manual of Starter Motor for Massey Ferguson

Shop online starter motors and other engine parts of parts world USA online store. They have a great quality of starter motors for your Massey Ferguson Tractor at minimum prices. parts world USA is always ready to short out your delays related to auto engine parts. So keeping this thing in mind, it provides induction manual of starter for your trucks and tractors. This manual helps to install starter easily and your vehicle back to life.
This Starter replaces in MF699(1984 - 1986), MF698T(1983 - 1986), MF698(1983 - 1986), MF690(1983 - 1986), MF670(1983 - 1986), MF399(1987 - 1998), MF398(1987 - 1997), MF396(1992 - 1998), MF390(1987 - 1998), MF9500(1973 - 1980), MF625(1971 - 1972) and many other more.
An electrical diagram has given to show the connections for proper induction of starters in Massey Ferguson :

Connect to Battery +ve Terminal.
Connect to Battery -ve Terminal(Earth).
Connect to Ignition Terminal.
Connect to 12V Aux Safety Switch.

Some important precaution steps must be taken while induction starters :-
Inspect the starter motor for any external damage.
Starter Motor mounting should not be loose after nut is tightened.
Make connections as per the diagram shown and tighten properly.

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