How To Maintain Your Golf Cart?

30 Apr 2019

How To Maintain Your Golf Cart?

A golf cart is a prized possession and a little maintenance from time to time can give it the elixir to live a long life. If you don’t want your Golf Cart to go bad at an early age, then you have come to the right place. Here, partsworldUSA (low-cost aftermarket parts store for golf carts & other vehicles) provides 5 key ways to maintain your golf cart which will make it run smoothly and age beautifully.

5 Tips To Maintain A Golf Cart

Be it Summer, the peak time of golf cart or Winter, the crucial time for Golf Cart care, you must look at these tips below for Golf cart maintenance for all seasons.

#1 Maintain the Tires of Your Golf Cart

i) Check air pressure regularly. Air pressure can increase if the tires face direct sunlight continuously. Avoid parking golf cart in direct sunlight.

ii) Check for cracks. If a crack gets too deep, you should consider replacing your tires.

iii) Check the tread depth. Do the ‘Penny check’ - Simply insert a penny in the tread groove, with Mr. Lincoln facing downwards and towards you. If his head does not disappear, your tire has worn out.

iv) Keep the tires clean & protect it from sunlight.

#2 Maintain the Battery

The battery is the heart of a golf cart. Proper maintenance of the battery can increase the longevity of the cart to a great extent. A bad performing battery can affect the power transferred by the battery terminals to the electrical components of your cart.

i) Clean the battery cable terminals to prevent and remove corrosion.

ii) Cleaning the car battery terminals with baking soda:
Prepare a mixture of two tablespoons of baking soda with an equal amount of water in a container. Mix the solution to form a paste, use a toothbrush to apply the paste to each terminal. The solution will begin to sizzle as it interacts with the corrosion. Use a wire brush to remove the remaining residue.

Recipe To Clean Batteriesiii) Check the water level in the cells of the golf cart battery with a hydrometer. If the water level is low, then you can fill the Distilled Water in each cell to maintain the level in one to three months interval. The level of water should be ¼ to ½ inch above the plates.

iv) Use a Cola product to clean the terminals. Pour the entire contents directly on the battery terminals to get cleaned. Just follow up with the wire brush, if necessary.

v) Dab a bit of petroleum jelly onto the dry terminals. This will work as the protectant, prevent further corrosion and help strengthen the connection. Reattach the positive and negative cables and you are all set!.

#3 Clean The Body of Your Golf Cart

Cleaning is an essential part for your Golf cart maintenance, that will prolong the life of the outer body. It will keep shining for years as if you bought it just yesterday.

i) Wash the body with soap and clean water, using a soft sponge.

ii) Dry off the cart with soft, clean towels, such as microfiber or waffle-weave.

iii) Apply a fresh coat of wax if needed.

iv) Scrub the tires with soapy water and a stiff brush.

#4 Proper Maintenance of Golf Cart Windshield

Dirt gets easily collected on the windshield of golf carts, especially when you go off-road.

i) Regularly clean the windshield to keep it clean and transparent.

ii) If the windshield is ignored, you will soon have to look for a new windshield because with time the dirt reduces its transparency and also causes scratches, especially when you use wiper on a dirty windshield.

iii) Just keep it clean and your windshield is not going anywhere!

#5 Maintaining the Starter Generator

Starter generator is the most important electrical component of your golf cart apart from the battery and yet, it is also one of the most overlooked parts.

i) Check if the brushes need to be replaced: Check the length of the brushes by removing the black dust cover. If the top of the brush and the brush guide are at the same level, replace the brushes.

ii) Check the wiring studs. If any of them is rusted, discolored or melted, your starter generator will fail soon.

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