How to Fit Starter Generator in Yamaha Golf Cart

19 Jan 2018

How to Fit Starter Generator in Yamaha Golf Cart

The starter generator is a starter and a generator both, in one unit. Once the engine is starting on its own combustion power, the starter generator ceases to about as a starter and becomes a generator to supply power back to the 12 volt battery for recharge.

Steps to install the Starter Generator:

  • Connect the Red wire to the voltage regulator
  • Connect the Green wire to the earth terminal
  • Connect the A2 terminal to the relay controller
  • Connect the terminals A1 and F1
  • Connect the F2 terminal to the earth terminal

Precautions to take while fitting starter generator in a Yamaha Golf Cart:-

  • Inspect the Starter Generator for any external damage.
  • Starter Generator mounting should not be loose after nut is tightened.
  • Make connections as per the diagram shown and tighten properly.

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