How to Buy Replacement Starter Generator for Club Car

12 Nov 2018

How to Buy Replacement Starter Generator for Club Car

If your starter generator has stopped charging the battery or if the starter generator is overheating and has started smoking, it means your starter generator has gone bad and now you have to buy a new starter generator for Club Car.

Don’t keep your golf cart stalled for long and find a high performance replacement starter generator. You can find many replacement starter generators online on, or other online parts stores like Check all your options and choose the one that works best for you.

Most important parameters to keep in mind while buying a replacement starter generator are quality, price and a warranty cover!

Replacement starter generators have a shorter life span than stock generators. One reason for this is because of the older conditions that they have to run in. Therefore a warranty cover is a must and one should buy from a seller who will stand behind their warranty promise and not hide away by stating various conditions or even ignore you altogether by not responding to your mail or call.

One such seller that we can trust is partsworldUSA. They sell good quality starter generators at the best prices in market and they always honor their warranty policy. They are very responsive to customer concerns and also have fast shipping for orders made in US and Canada.

Check it out on eBay: Starter generator for Club Car DS series, FE350, FE290

Their starter generator is high in demand because they are selling at such a low price and it comes with a one year warranty. Contact them via Toll Free number +1 (302) 451-9920 or mail them at for anything.

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