How to buy Aftermarket parts Online

11 Sep 2018

How to buy Aftermarket parts Online

You will learn how to buy aftermarket parts at the lowest possible price like a pro after read this article.

Where to buy

A) Amazon
     i) amazon is a great market where you find products from different sellers in one place
    ii) check reviews & ratings that help in deciding the right part from the right seller.

B) Seller Website
     i) same parts but cheaper than amazon. Amazon charges fees for selling on their portal, so prices are higher on amazon than a sellers website.
    ii) ensure their website is secure and they are not trying to dupe you.
Look for a verisign or paypal sign on their payment portal.
   iii) choose a seller whose customer support is active so that you do not end up with a failed product and no one to pick your call for a replacement.

Which one to buy

C) Proper fitment
    i) Match all specifications with your original part requirements for proper fitment.
   ii) Read reviews. Many reviews tell you that their item did not fit or fit really well.

D) Price and shipment cost
     i) Affordable price along with right fitment should be your priority.
    ii) Free shipment will be a cherry on top of the cake.

E) Warranty and Replacement
    i) Choose the one with at least one year warranty because aftermarket parts are cheaper but have higher failure rates, so a warranty will protect you.
   ii) Active customer support is always overlooked. If they do not respond on calling or mailing, they would not respond when you need a replacement under warranty.

F) Reviews, Rating and Description by seller
    i) Judge the quality of a product by reading reviews.
   ii) Negative reviews can save you from buying a product which may not work for you.
  iii) Reviews give invaluable advice on product fitment, installation and overall usage.
  iv) Do not get fooled by lofty claims by sellers on their listings. For e.g. many aftermarket products claim to be better than OEM, which is mostly not the case.


Choosing to buy aftermarket parts, instead of OEM parts can be a smart decision, but you need to be smart while buying them. If you follow the above suggestions, you should be able to save yourself a lot of money! (upto even $300-400 in many cases). Happy replacements!

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