Buy Starter Generator for Golf Cart in USA

23 Feb 2018

Buy Starter Generator for Golf Cart in USA

parts world USA is a America’s trusted online store to provide auto engine parts for golf carts and other vehicles. It offers a wide range of starter generator for your golf carts such as Yamaha, EZ GO and Club Car all models. Looking to buy a good quality Starter Generator at a reasonable price in the marketplace. Find here and get great products at its very organized website, login here to enhance your online experience.
Also offer installation manual with each and every item and contains the information that will assist you in maintaining this highly reliable vehicle.

Connect to Terminal A1 & F1
Connect to DF Terminal (Voltage Regulator)
Connect to A2 Terminal (Relay Controller)
Connect to F2 Terminal (Earth)

Precautions taken while during fitting Starter Generator in Golf Carts:-
Inspect the starter generator for any external damage.
Starter Generator Mounting should not be loose after the nut is tightened.
Make Connections as per the diagram shown and tighten properly.


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