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Ford Generator Parts

21 Apr 2017

Established in 1917, the most modern Ford tractors of Fiat Agri, the Ford farm tractors held an important role in changing the approach agriculture and different work was conducted. The Ford tractors weren’t the first such machines, and not forever the best such machines, but they ...

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Deere & Company

07 Mar 2017

Established in the mid-1800s, Deere & Company is now one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of a wide range of agricultural equipment (tractor, harvester, combine, etc), construction equipment (loader, backhoe, etc), forestry equipment and other products like diesel engines and powertrain. Selling under the brand of ‘John Deere’, the ...

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New Holland Tractor Starter Motor

02 Mar 2017

A popular brand for agricultural and construction machinery, New Holland was setup in the year 1985 under its parent company CNH Global. Headquartered in Italy, New Holland is known for its wide range of tractors, harvesters, loaders and mini-excavators.
In 1947, New Holland was purchased by Sperry Rand Corporation and ...

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What is the working principle of an Alternator ?

09 Feb 2017

According to Faraday’s Right Hand Law of Electromagnetic Induction, clockwise current is induced in the conductor of a magnetic field as a result of relative motion between such conductor of magnetic field. Similar to the basic principle of DC Generators, the working principle of an alternator is also based on ...

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Starter Motor

03 Feb 2017

The life span of an agricultural tractor is 20-30 years and at least once in its lifetime, you will want to change its starter motor to ensure smooth functioning. A starter motor converts electrical energy from the battery to mechanical energy, through gears which make the flywheel rotate during ...

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Voltage Regulator

02 Feb 2017

Voltage regulators are used to regulate, modify or stabilize the output voltage of an alternator or dynamo motor, at the required value. In principle, a voltage regulator is a voltage stabilizer which mechanically stabilizes the ongoing voltage level and keeps it constant at that level despite changes in the supply ...

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