Buy Starter Motor for International Tractor | Save Big!

05 Dec 2018

Buy Starter Motor for International Tractor | Save Big!

If your International tractor is not cranking, it could be due to multiple causes. Read this article (What are the Symptoms of a Faulty Starter Motor) to diagnose what is causing the problem.

Once you have confirmed that your International tractor’s starter is not working, you can buy a quality new starter motor for International tractor at a great price along with 1-yr Warranty protection and Active customer support!

INTERNATIONAL IHC Agricultural Gasoline tractors:
140 (F&I) C-123 Gas (1958-1961)
140HC (F&I) C-123 Gas (1960-1961)
240 (F&I) C-123 Gas (1958-1959)
Farmall A {4-113} Gas (1945-1954)
Farmall B {4-113} Gas (1939-1947)
Farmall C {4-113} Gas (1952-1954)
Farmall Super A {4-123} Gas (1947-1954)
Farmall Super C {4-123} Gas (1951-1954)
Farmall 100 {C-123} Gas (1954-1956)
Farmall 100HC C-123 Gas (1954-1956)
Farmall 130 C-123 Gas (1956-1958)
Farmall 130HC C-123 Gas (1956-1958)
Farmall 140 C-123 Gas (1958-1961)
Farmall 200 C-123 Gas (1954-1956)
Farmall 230 C-123 Gas (1956-1958)
Farmall 240 C-123 Gas (1958-1959)

 The most important things to consider while buying a replacement starter are Quality, Price, Warranty cover and Active Customer Support.

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